Skin care for Oily Skin
Combat oily skin and enjoy a balanced, radiant complexion with skin care designed to control shine.

Oil Control

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5 results
5 results
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Oil Free Moisturiser Oil Free Moisturiser
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ExfoliKate® Cleanser Daily Foaming Wash ExfoliKate® Cleanser Daily Foaming Wash
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A Note from Kate on Oily Skin
Say goodbye to clogged pores and a greasy complexion and hello to rejuvenated, matte skin that will look incredible with or without makeup. My most effective skin care products for oily skin include a variety of top-tier products that will keep oil at bay and won't clog pores. My powerful, replenishing, formulas are custom-designed to help clear, balance and restore your complexion to a natural, youthful glow. Using advanced technology and effective ingredients, every Kate Somerville skin care product has been developed in the Clinic, scientifically tested and statistically proven to create dramatic results. Our skincare for oily skin helps to clear dead skin cells and clogged pores to reveal your natural radiant skin, without stripping hydration. By including any of my solutions in your skin care routine, you will experience immediate, long-lasting results, trading an oily face for a clear, balanced, radiant complexion.

Oily Skin Routine

1. Cleanse: Step one of your facial routine should always be cleansing. Our cleansers for oily skin are formulated with your unique skincare concerns in mind. Choose from our foaming cleanser or our detox daily cleanser to help remove dead skin cells and excess oil in a gentle yet effective manner. Our foaming cleanser helps minimize the appearance of enlarged pores and contains acne-fighting ingredients like sulfur to help fight off pesky blemishes. My detox facial cleanser is formulated with Phytic acid, Salicylic acid, glycolic acid, and lactic acids to remove dead skin cells revealing younger looking skin. My cleanser also includes Vitamin B complex to prevent over drying and aloe vera to calm your complexion.

2. Moisturize: Our oil-free moisturizer is formulated without parabens or fragrances to help even out your acne-prone skin tone. This lightweight moisturizer helps bring hydration back to the skin so it isn't left dry and irritated. It also helps to keep your skin hydrated without being greasy.

3. Mask: Clear blemishes and dissolve impurities with our foam face mask made for oily skin. Our EradiKate® Foam Mask is designed to gently exfoliate your skin to minimize the appearance of pores while balancing oil production. Foam-activating technology helps extract excess oil to leave the skin with a beautiful matte finish.

4. Eradikate: If you have a blemish that won't seem to go away, our Eradikate acne treatment is designed to help unclog pores and visibly reduce the appearance of acne. This overnight solution is an acne spot treatment that works to treat blemishes with a blend of sulfur and zinc oxide.

Whether you're looking for a highly effective oily skin moisturizer, eye cream, hydrating serum, clarifying toner or anti-aging solution, my oily skin care products will brighten your skin and leave a youthful clarity you'll love. Help reduce your clogged pores, dead skin cells, impurities, excess sebum, acne breakouts, and shiny skin with our oil control skin care line at Kate Somerville. Our mattifying products are designed with acne-prone, sensitive skin in mind. Reveal your best you with Kate Somerville's skin care for oily skin.