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Exfoliators and masks target and treat specific skin concerns, revealing your healthiest, most beautiful skin fast.

Exfoliators & Masks

4 results
4 results
4 results
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Benefits of Exfoliating
The #1 game changer for skin? Regular exfoliation. Our clinically formulated exfoliators and masks are designed to deliver specific kinds of exfoliation depending on your skin type and needs. From our clinic Super Facial ExfoliKate® Intensive, with its super charged ingredients that deliver three kinds of exfoliation (chemical, physical and enzymatic) to our leave-on triple acid exfoliating treatment Liquid ExfoliKate® that perfects pores and smooths texture overnight, we’ve got a treatment for every skin type. Our masks are also clinically formulated to target and treat specific skin concerns – from wrinkle worries to acne issues – visibly transforming skin in as little as one use.