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A Note from Kate on Facial Moisturisers

As Skin Health Experts, my team and I formulate all of our moisturisers and face creams with highly efficacious ingredients that keep skin healthy. Whether you’re looking for a moisturiser to treat oily skin such as the Oil Free Moisturiser, a face cream designed for dry skin, or you want an anti-ageing moisturiser that specifically addresses age-related concerns like fine lines, wrinkles and crow’s feet - our facial moisturisers collection contains a formula for every skin concern.

Skin feeling dull? Visibly brighten or even out skin tone with a highly targeted daily moisturiser such as the famous ExfoliKate® Glow Moisturiser. Discover our iconic and sought after cruelty free moisturisers so you can look beautiful whilst being rest assured that you are buying products that have never been tested on animals during any stage of their development.