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Calm irritation. Soothe redness. Restore your healthy skin barrier.

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A Note from Kate on Sensitive Skin Skincare

Sensitive skin can easily be irritated by exposures to the elements, skin conditions and irritating skin products. Often leading to dryness, redness and cracked skin, this type of irritation can be overwhelming. With specialist skincare for sensitive skin, you fight this with serums, cleansers and creams that are specially formulated to restore and soothe tenderness.

Start your sensitive skin transformation with the Delikate® Recovery Cream - a miracle cream that is dermatologically tested on sensitive skin to provide lasting relief from irritation and redness while improving the skin’s protective barrier.

Kate Somerville sensitive skincare products are clinically tested safe for sensitive skin, with deluxe ingredients that are gentle enough for daily use. If you’re looking to relieve and protect your stressed skin, explore Kate Somerville sensitive skin skincare today.