About Us

“Every week, at least one client comes into the clinic and says our products have given her skin results she had thought were impossible. This is bigger than healing skin – we’re transforming lives.”

Kate Somerville Founder


Your Clinical-Grade Skincare Bestie

Founded by The OG of Hollywood Medical Spas, Kate Somerville Skincare exists because of one woman’s belief that radiant + healthy skin is everyone’s right.

Working closely with skin doctors from day one to now, her pioneering dream brought together the worlds of skin spas and medical skin science. The result? The esthetics clinic trusted by Hollywood’s most famous faces + a line of high-performance skincare that safely delivers clinic results in the comfort of your home.

Whether you’re dealing with hormones, seasonal changes, or the challenge of aging gracefully, Kate Somerville is your skincare bestie + clinical-grade expert in one.


Clinic-Powered Results

You know that moment when your bestie reaches into her bag and pulls out THE THING you need? We’re that thing.

Long before our products went viral,
professional makeup artists and their A-list clients were buzzing about our next level results. Every science-backed and cruelty-free formula delivers unparalleled skin health + the radiant results you’ve been told were impossible.

 A lifetime of acne? Nope.

Inevitable dullness as you age? Nope.

Painfully sensitive skin on the daily? Nope.

We make the impossible possible.


We Go More Than Skin Deep

The first step to transformative skincare is understanding how your skin functions and what it needs – this is what many “skin experts” overlook.

On our blog, Beyond the Glow Podcast and across social media, our network of Skin Health Experts (nurses, estheticians, dermatologists and passionate skin advocates) offer skin education you don’t need a PhD to understand so you can make the best choices for each stage of your skincare journey.

Ready to kickstart your skincare know-how?
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Kate's 5 Daily Do's

Start with a cleanser formulated to treat your specific skin concerns. From acne-prone to dry to stressed, we’ve got an expertly formulated cleanser for you.