All Things Skin Cycling

All Things Skin Cycling

What you need to know about skin cycling

Skin cycling is a nightly rotation in your product routine usually over the period of 2-4 days to ensure your skin is getting all the benefits of active ingredients without any irritation or over doing it.

Everyone’s skin cycle would be slightly different depending on skin type and concerns but here I take you through a simple 3 day skin cycle that anyone can try at home.

NIGHT 1 – Exfoliation

Exfoliation is key to start the process! Get rid of any dead skin cells and reveal brighter smoother skin instantly. Not only is exfoliation important to remove dead skin cells, it also allows your other products to work harder and penetrate the skin deeper leading to more effective results. 

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NIGHT 2 – Retinol

Retinol is key for speeding up cellular turn over and bringing those younger fresher skin cells to the surface! Retinol is a must for first signs of ageing, uneven skin tone and also one of the most important ingredients for blemish prone skin. It’s important to introduce slowly if you are new to the ingredient so working on a skin cycle is ideal for first time users.

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NIGHT 3 – Ceramides/Rest Day

You don’t hear about ceramides as much as Retinol but they are just as important! Too much exfoliation and retinol can cause a weakened skin barrier which can lead to issues over time if not resolved. Use a Ceramide rich moisturiser like this one on night 3 to allow your skin to repair and strengthen its self before starting the cycle again.        

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