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EradiKate® 10% Sulfur Blemish Treatment

EradiKate® 10% Sulfur Blemish Treatment

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The #1 spot treatment with 10% sulfur

Unexpected breakout? Clear pimples fast with our #1 spot treatment formulated with the highest level of sulfur allowed for clinical blemish control. EradiKate® Blemish Treatment works quickly to clear existing blemishes, reduce redness and prevent future breakouts.
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Drying up pimples is just Step 1. This treatment effectively clears existing breakouts and then goes deep into skin to clear pores, control oil production and prevent future breakouts.

After Just 2 Days
showed visible improvement of redness and inflammation after just 2 days.
reported smoother skin + minimized breakouts after just two days.
In Just 1 Hour
showed visible improvement of breakouts IN JUST 1 HOUR.