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HydraKate™ Recharging Water Cream

HydraKate™ Recharging Water Cream

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The dehydration-defeating moisturiser

The ultimate solution for targeting visible signs of skin dehydration. Our HydraKate™ Recharging Water Cream is expertly formulated with Nobel Prize-inspired AquaPort Technology + Hyaluronic Acid to deliver instant and lasting hydration exactly where + when skin needs it. This unique technology tells your skin, “Drink up!” while providing vital hydration that produces skin so supple it bounces right back.
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Powered by Blue Light-Activated Algae Extract, this lightweight moisturiser transforms dry and tired skin into visibly plumper, hydrated and refreshed-looking skin.

After just 1 week*​
reported the product provided immediate & long-lasting hydration after just 1 week.
After just 1 use*
reported the product left skin feeling smooth, soft & plump after just 1 use.
*Clinically proven results based on independent clinical study