All About Ceramides

All About Ceramides

So, what exactly are ceramides? Ceramides are naturally found within our body and work with saturated fatty acids to create a barrier that prevents water loss from our skin. By preventing water loss, ceramides help to prevent dryness and protect our skin. A loss of natural ceramides can be due to many contributing factors from something simple and inevitable which is aging to things we can control such as the overuse of actives such as exfoliating acids or Retinol, harsh soaps which can strip the barrier. By replenishing the skin with ceramides this is the best way to working to restore your skins barrier to a healthy state.

Signs to look out for if your skin barrier has become compromised are dryness, flakiness, and fine lines from dehydration as well as redness and sensitivity. By using ceramide-based products this will help with restoring lost lipids which will increase hydration in the skin and improve the overall look and texture of the skin to a smooth and soft finish. They also help to relieve visible redness & calm irritation at the same time.

We do not just need to use ceramides if our skin has become compromised/sensitized. We assume if we do not have irritated skin, or because our skin is not sensitive due to the fact we can use ‘actives’ within our routine we do not need to worry. However, this is where we assume wrong! Ceramides are a top tier ingredient which will benefit all skin types. By using them in your routine this will support in making our barrier stronger and will work to protect our skin from chemicals causing any irritation meaning they are the perfect ingredient to use between using active products within your routine. Therefore, even if you have a balanced skin and frequently use actives in your routine, this is the perfect ingredient for you.

Our DeliKate® collection is clinically proven to calm irritation, reduce visible redness and help restore a healthy skin barrier. The range provides relief for stressed skin and immediately helps to reduce tightness. The perfect collection to aid in your skins recovery or have within your routine to protect the barrier when using active ingredients.



reported product instantly soothed dry, irritated skin.


reported long-lasting relief for dry, tight, irritated skin.


reported softer skin.

*Based on an independent clinical study.

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