How To Do An At Home Facial

How To Do An At Home Facial

Taking the time for yourself to do an at home facial is not only a treat for your skin but also the mind to. It is not just about using a ‘mask’ it is the steps you take to create a professional feel and to make your skin feel soft, plump, and nourished as well as releasing tension, de-puffing and improving circulation. If you are not able to get into the spa/salon here are the following top tips to create this at home yourself.

Step 1. A Good Cleanse

Always the first step to any routine is a good cleanse. We want to take the time to intensely cleanse and massage this into the skin. By massaging the cleanser in we can get into pores and areas we would not always reach when cleansing. Goat Milk Cleanser has lovely creamy consistency to massage into the skin which creates a gentle wash that is formulated to cleanse and soothe without tightness or irritation. Its non-foaming, creamy formula removes makeup, dirt, oil, and impurities while maintaining skin's radiance and essential moisture.

Apply all over to dry skin, massage in for as long you feel you need, rinse with a warm wet flannel/cloth or rinse off with water.

Step 2. Exfoliation

Before layering products onto the skin, we want to remove any dead skin to create a perfect base for our products to work more effectively and to penetrate the skin deeper. Our Exfolikate Intensive is a lactic acid-based product which will help with that glow immediately. Lactic acid is an exfoliant which works by breaking down dead skin without causing irritation. It is the first part to a pamper to create that bright even skin tone.

Apply to damp skin, massage all over, leave for up to 2 minutes, rinse off with warm water/wet flannel.

Step 3. Oil & Massage

A luxurious step we do not usually do in our routine but is so essential and a gorgeous treat for our skin. Our Dilo oil is rich in essential natural oils works as a fast-absorbing face oil which helps to strengthen the skin’s moisture barrier while improving skin hydration.

Begin by taking a 4-8 drops (or as much as desired) and applying to the skin and massaging in using a Gua sha, roller or even your hands. By doing this is does not only help release tension and improve circulation but also help your products be absorbed better into the skin.


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